Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily on a clear night provided the inspiration for our “Riposo.” Derived from the Italian verb riposare, Riposo means to rest, be easy, relax. In such a tranquil setting while indulging in homemade wine and incredible food as the sounds of the water calm you, how could someone do anything else? It was this feeling we wanted share and thus “Riposo” was born. We hope you have the same sentiment regardless of which location you visit!




667 9th ave
New York, NY 10036



Riposo 46 Presents: Una Festa Italiana photo
Mon, February 20
7 PM - 9 PM
ANTIPASTI, Warm Olive Platter, Charcuterie Meat...

Featured Chef

Danny Alotta photo

Danny Alotta

A native New Yorkers of Italian descent, Danny is a personable character who runs his family's restaurants while pursuing a career in entertainment. Being a cancer survivor, Danny founded Joy Juice; a non-profit organization empowering children who've either are currently battling and have battled cancer by ways of fashion makeovers, photoshoots and interactive esteem-boosting experiences. Upon discovering Komeeda, Danny was excited to do what he loves best, hosting fun and curious people for Fun Eating Experiences!

667 9th ave
New York, NY 10036