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The culinary arts has been a gateway for many to enter the workforce in the states, and for some, it has become a way of life. For Nas Jab, Pa-Latino Plate is his canvas for telling the story and life experiences as a migrant to many regions around the world through food. Pa-Latino Plate is a blend of the Palestinian and Latinx cultures and how the flavors come together to share his narrative. The mission is to share the unheard stories displaying the commonalities within cultures through food. Enjoy some of the most fascinating flavors you've had with Pa-Latino Plate!






210 East 43rd Street, Fedcap
New York, Ny 10017



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Sun, June 3
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM
Lentil soup and Basterma wrapped dates, Cold...

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Nasser Jaber

“The olive tree to my family, or to any Palestinian family, is more precious than me, because it’s older than me,” Nas said. “It’s fed [my father], it’s fed his grandfather. This is how they view it when settlers come and they offer trees.” Extending an olive branch to visiting peoples is an apt metaphor for the ideas Nasser Jab began to mull over — he wanted to connect people from different cultures, especially those whose stories were misunderstood, and he knew he could do it through food. Eventually, he got his chance after he opened up his own restaurant on the Lower East Side and catalyzed a conversation around the Palestinian perspective with all people from a full-circle audience. His food is focused on the culture, the heritage, the roots of the ingredients and the dishes that come together in his kitchen to your plate.

Pa-Latino Plate
210 East 43rd Street, Fedcap
New York, Ny 10017