The Adult Ice Cream Party @ Food Moves & Komeeda

Ice Cream & Booze w/ Food Moves

★★★★★ (3.0)


Time Sat Sep 9
4 PM - 8 PM

Location Food Moves & Komeeda
3905 2nd Avenue
Brooklyn, Ny 11232

Price $45

The Adult Ice Cream Party

Who says ice cream parties are just for kids anymore? Adults need to have some sweet fun too (get your minds out of the gutter - this is a vanilla event, pun intended). Food Moves and Komeeda are excited to be hosting the first Adult Ice Cream Party on Saturday, September 9th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Brooklyn Warehouse Studios at Industry City. The Adult Ice Cream Party will feature three top-shelf mixologists teamed with Van Leeuwen ice cream to create the ultimate ice cream cocktail. Decide which one is the best and vote for the creamy champion. Getting tired of ice cream? No worries, there will be an open bar to keep you going, as well as some tasty bites. What: The Adult Ice Cream Party is a social mixer for all 21 and over. Have a chance to taste some of the best ice cream cocktails with all your friends and without the trouble of kids.

Cuisine: Other

Meal: Summer Party
Includes: Open Bar


Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream
A variety of flavors of Brooklyn's most favored and freshest ice cream in the land! Enjoy their flavors as our mixologists infuse their flavors with their boozy concoctions!
Kerby's Cups
For native New Yorkers, the summer nutcracker refers to the boozy juice drinks that are sold on the beach by the original entrepreneurs. Enjoy their frozen drinks throughout the event!
Dulce Vida Tequilla
Organic. 100% Blue Agave. Los Altos (Highlands). Handcrafted. Discover what happens when they infuse our award-winning 100% blue agave tequila with refreshing all-natural flavors: Lime and Grape

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Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream


Location: 3905 2nd Avenue Brooklyn, Ny 11232

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About Ice Cream Mixologists

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Be prepared to taste some of the booziest ice creams you've ever tasted in your life! We're bringing together three of NYC's funnest mixologist to curate some subtly boozy-ful sweet treats for you to cool your soul. Enjoy each creation and vote for your favorite boozy ice cream as we tally up and announce the winner of this boozy-foodie extravaganza!