Roasted Whole Duck Feast! @ Char Sue

An Asian Inspired Feast w/ Chef Matt Rojas

★★★★ (4.4)


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Time Thu Jul 13
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Location Char Sue
119 Essex Street
New York, Ny 10002

Price $45

Roasted Whole Duck Feast!

Come experience a new way to enjoy our signature Roasted Duck! Our roasted duck is prepared days in advance, rubbed with Sichuan spices and roasted to perfection. The duck will be carved whole and served alongside a selection of vegetables and sides. Chef Rojas will be on-hand to tell his story and inspiration behind Char Sue, his first restaurant as a chef-owner,

Cuisine: Asian Fusion

Meal: Communal / Family Style
For Purchase: Beer, Spirits, Wine


Daikon Salad
anchovies, shiso, scallions, soy dressing
Shrimp Summer Roll
avocado, chinese celery, cilantro, carrot, ume vinaigrette
Brussels Sprouts
nuoc cham, peanuts, chilies
charred, soy-marinated, pumpkin seeds
Whole Roasted Duck
rubbed with sichuan spices. served with picked veggies, rice or noodle, mantou bread and sauces
Ice Cream
your choice of select ice cream to cool off your summer evening

About Char Sue

Experience a new way to enjoy Asian-inspired cuisine at our restaurant. All in a casual space, paired with craft beers and delicious wines.


Location: 119 Essex Street New York, Ny 10002

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About Matt Rojas

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Chef and “Char Sue” restaurant co-owner Matt Rojas is a veteran of 11 Madison, Degustation, Nobuo at Teeter House and was formerly the Executive Chef of Rouge et Blanc. Matty grew up in Arizona, where he first learned to cook from his mother and grandmother. He later trained under Nobuo Fukuda, Daniel Humm, Wesley Genovart and Susur Lee.