Iraqi Spring Cooking Class @ Tanabel

Ladies Only!

★★★★★ (5.0)


Time Sun Apr 8
3 PM - 7 PM

Location Tanabel
183 Garfield Place, Garden
Brooklyn, Ny 11215

Price $115.50

Iraqi Spring Cooking Class

Please join us for an afternoon of Iraqi home cooking, dishes that are perfect for this shoulder season when we long for spring but still crave some warmth and comfort in the kitchen. We'll gather and graze on some light bites, then Maha will teach us the art of perfect kubbah, dumplings made with two kinds of wheat and filled with seasoned beef. Together we'll prepare hearty and healthful one-pot stew, as well as two starters, before we sit down to share a meal rounded out with salad, pickles, dessert and cardamom tea! We hope you can join us. Please note, this class is open to LADIES ONLY!

Cuisine: Chefugee Cuisine

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Mahrook Isbauo
Lentil salad seasoned with tamarind, cilantro and garlic
Masluka al Silig
Swiss chard stems tossed with Iraqi spices and black lime
Kubbah hamud
Beef-stuffed dumplings simmered in a broth crowded with turnips, chickpeas, Swiss chard and lamb
Halawet alshamander mahalabi
Slow-cooked beet sweet layered with rose-scented milk pudding and pistachios

About Tanabel

Tanabel is a catering and events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We host gatherings that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer guests the opportunity to get to know the food and people of countries that are often objectified and misunderstood. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow our cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.


Location: 183 Garfield Place, Garden Brooklyn, Ny 11215

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About Hannah Goldberg

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Hannah believes in the power of food to connect us to memory and family, to overcome cultural barriers and to unite us in our shared appreciation of the delicious. A classically trained chef, she’s worked at Michelin starred restaurants in New York and Paris, as a wine and cheese importer, a food writer, editor, consultant and entrepreneur.