Fall Feast from Aleppo @ Tanabel


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Time Sat Nov 4
6 PM - 9 PM

Location Tanabel
183 Garfield Place, Garden
Brooklyn, Ny 11215

Price $75

Fall Feast from Aleppo

Fall back with us next Saturday, as we welcome Fadila and Feiza to our kitchen for a warming autumn meal. A Yazidi mother and daughter team from Aleppo, the ladies bring with them their repertoire from the most refined food city in Syria! Fadila's piece de resistance will be a meltingly tender mansaf, lamb braised in a rich sauce of fermented yogurt, spices and butter, served on a pilaf of smoked green wheat and scattered with nuts and fresh herbs. Filling out the table, there'll be a homey casserole of braised beans, little pies of wild greens, rolled chard leaves stuffed with rice, creamy pumpkin tahini spread and more. A dusky tamarind rose rum punch and abundant wine will accompany it all! We hope you're able to join us!

Cuisine: Middle-Eastern

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Other (See Description)


Tamarind and rose rum punch
Zeitoun bi laymun w toum
Olives with preserved lemon and garlic
Mukhallal lift
Turnip and beet pickles
D'loo Sileq bi Taratore
Chard stems with tahini sauce
Yalanji al Sileq
Rolled chard leaves stuffed with spiced rice
Mutabal Yaqtin
Pumpkin spread with tahini
Laban mtawwam w na'na
Yogurt with wild cucumber and mint
Fatayer Sileq
Wild greens pies
Lamb braised in fermented yogurt, spices and butter, served over freekeh with nuts and fresh herbs.
Fassoulia bi zeit
Braised flat beans with tomato and onion
Semolina cake with tumeric and pistachios, served with a persimmon cream
Halawet el jibn
Tender rolls of cheese and cream scented with rose water
Sesame candy with pistachios
Dates stuffed with walnuts and rose water
Seasonal fruit

About Tanabel

Tanabel is a catering and events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We host gatherings that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer guests the opportunity to get to know the food and people of countries that are often objectified and misunderstood. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow our cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.

Website: http://www.tanabel.com

Location: 183 Garfield Place, Garden Brooklyn, Ny 11215

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