Displaced Kitchen Dinner @ Pastai

Refugee Hosted Suppers


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Time Tue Oct 24
7 PM - 9 PM

Location Pastai
186 9th Avenue
New York, Ny 10011

Price $69

Displaced Kitchen Dinner

The Displaced Dinners series is a collection of dinners hosted by a recently resettled refugee who will share their story and their food with you. For an evening of delicious foods from the refugee's native lands, dialogue and storytelling by your host. Half of the proceeds will benefit the refugee's resettling efforts.

Cuisine: Middle-Eastern

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Non-Alcoholic Beverages
For Purchase: Beer, Spirits, Wine


To Be Announced

About Pastai

Pastai aspires to share a piece of their family tradition with you. With the aim to inspire your curiosity about the food they make and serve, and the Southern Italian countryside it was born in. When dining at Pastai, you become part of their personal family narrative and get to witness the journey the pasta has taken to arrive on your plate.

Website: https://komeeda.com/users/1504/locations/42

Location: 186 9th Avenue New York, Ny 10011

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About Chefugees

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The Displaced Kitchen series is a campaign aimed to bring together to hear a perspective of a recently resettled refugee. We will introduce refugees to share their story over a feast that reminds them of home. Our "Chef-ugee" hosts left conflict zones for safety, and have resettled here in New York City. -- All of whom experienced hardship to survive, and hardship acclimating into our society, the Displaced Kitchens is aimed to bridge the gap through food by providing them an outlet to share their journey, and their cuisine with our Kommunity.