Chef Showdown VI @ The Food Arts Center @ FEDCAP

Democratic Eating

★★★★ (4.1)


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Time Fri Jul 14
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Location The Food Arts Center @ FEDCAP
210 E. 43rd St.
New York, Ny 10017

Price $30

Chef Showdown VI

The Chef Showdown will feature four self-made extraordinary chefs who are competing under one roof, in Manhattan for the Chef Showdown VI title, voted by the people. We will have 150+ attendees made up of restaurateurs, influencers, food brands and of course you, the foodie! We are working with FEDCAP, a phenomenal non-profit organization creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being. They run a “Kitchen with a Mission”, a brand new commercial-grade facility primarily used to train and prepare individuals for careers in the culinary world. Competing chefs will each be creating bite-sized dishes reflecting their creative talents. You, the audience, will taste, critique and judge each bite based on creativity, presentation and taste. The winner will be crowned the Showdown Champion!

Cuisine: Other

Meal: Competition


Chef Alexander Magloire II
Chef Garima Kothari
Debleena Anand
Michael Cosenza

Competing Chefs

Debleena chef showdown 6 komeeda
Chef Debleena Anand
Mvc chef showdown 6 komeeda
Chef Michael Cosenza
Garima chef showdown 6 komeeda
Chef Garima Kothari


Alex komeeda chef showdown alex magloire
Chef Alexander Magloire II


Flo komeeda chef showdown flo valdez
Chef Flo Valdez - Chef Showdown II
Jane komeeda chef showdown jasmine sheth
Chef Jane Paula - Chef Showdown III
Jasmine komeeda chef showdown jasmine sheth
Jasmine Sheth - Chef Showdown I & CoC Winner

Fedcap Rehabilitation Services, Inc., or Fedcap, is a Manhattan-based not-for-profit organization that provides vocational training and employment resources to those who face barriers to employment. Fedcap’s mission is to empower people with barriers to move towards economic independence as valued members of the workforce. Each year Fedcap’s evaluation, vocational training, job placement and counseling services, employment programs, and support and advocacy programs help more than 2,000 Americans overcome obstacles, rebuild their lives, and find and keep meaningful employment.


Location: 210 E. 43rd St. New York, Ny 10017

The Food Arts Center @ FEDCAP photo

About Chef Showdown VII - Talented Chefs Compete!

Chef Showdown VII  - Talented Chefs Compete! photo

The Chef Showdown is a kommunity competition, bringing together talented and extraordinary chefs, food influencers and food lovers for an evening of tasty bites, delicious drinks and an awesome foodie-sphere. The experience is designed to create a competitive platform for three self-made culinary artists to cook up their creatively crafted bites to an audience of 100 attendees. The bites will be eaten and rated by the people, at which the chef with the highest rated dish at the end of the competition will be crowned the... Chef Showdown VII champion.