A Midwinter Afghan Feast @ Tanabel

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Time Sat Feb 3
7 PM - 10 PM

Location Tanabel
183 Garfield Place, Garden
Brooklyn, Ny 11215

Price $79

A Midwinter Afghan Feast

A belated happy new year! We have a delicious 2018 in store, and we're incredibly excited to be kicking it off with the remarkable Naseema, who arrived less than a year ago from Afghanistan with her six children. She's a graduate of the Emma's Torch culinary training program for refugees, works full time at a Manhattan restaurant and is taking her day off to prepare the foods of her homeland for you! Please join us for a warming winter feast accompanied by abundant punch and wine.

Cuisine: Chefugee Cuisine

Meal: Buffet
Includes: Other (See Description)


Winter citrus and cardamom punch
A blend of blood orange and other succulent citrus with tequila, cardamom and warm winter spice
As assortment of spiced chickpeas, dried fruits and nuts, served just as they are in Afghanistan
A variety of homemade pickles, from tiny lemons to eggplant to cauliflower
Chutni gashneez
A spicy cilantro chutney
Borani gandara
A street food classic, a crispy turnover stuffed with garlic chives
Borani kadu
A crispy turnover stuffed with jammy stewed pumpkin
Juicy steamed beef dumplings served with a spiced tomato sauce and homemade soured yogurt
Steamed garlic chive and herb dumplings served with caramelized onions and homemade soured yogurt
Qabuli palau
The national dish of Afghanistan - a towering pilaf studded with slow-cooked lamb, carrots, raisins and nuts
Spiced ground beef braised in a rich tomato sauce
Burani banjan
Luscious fried eggplant layered with tomato and homemade soured yogurt
Slow-cooked spiced spinach
Crispy Afghan flatbread
Assorted desserts
Including fudgey shirpira, a milk sweet seasoned with cardamom, fresh fruits and spiced tea

About Tanabel

Tanabel is a catering and events company that employs refugee women with exceptional talent in the kitchen. We host gatherings that celebrate the rich and sophisticated cuisine of the Middle East and offer guests the opportunity to get to know the food and people of countries that are often objectified and misunderstood. These authentic, generous and delicious meals allow our cooks to share a taste of home with their new communities and provide them with meaningful and empowering employment.

Website: http://www.tanabel.com

Location: 183 Garfield Place, Garden Brooklyn, Ny 11215

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About Hannah Goldberg

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Hannah believes in the power of food to connect us to memory and family, to overcome cultural barriers and to unite us in our shared appreciation of the delicious. A classically trained chef, she’s worked at Michelin starred restaurants in New York and Paris, as a wine and cheese importer, a food writer, editor, consultant and entrepreneur.