Dinner on the Runway @ SpreadHouse

A Fashion Week Brooklyn Komeeda Exclusive!

★★★★★ (5.0)


Time Thu Mar 30
6 PM - 9 PM

Location SpreadHouse
116 Suffolk St
New York, Ny 10002

Price $49

Dinner on the Runway

Dinner. On. The. Runway. An exclusive evening of creativity in food and fashion, bringing together elegance and essence for an interactive dinner along a fashion show runway. This dinner will feature the works of a trendsetting chef in Moeen Abuzaid and rising-star fashion designer Anna Garbuzova of Annie Couture. The experience will display a truly unique relationship with Anna's beautiful designs and Moeen's compelling culinary creations. As your eyes feast on the visual appeal of the fashion collections during the show, your eyes will also feast on the dishes curated by the Chef de Cuisine, that we'd have to remind you that you can indeed indulge in the arts of work on your plate.

Cuisine: American New

Meal: Traditional


Fall 2017 Fashion Collection by Annie Couture
Runway show on March 30, 2017
Runway Dinner Menu
Salmon Pastrami
3-Day cured salmon with 7-spice blend, lemon, vodka, and sour cream mixed with butter milk. Accompanied by cilantro syrup marinated sliced cucumber.
Wagyu Short Ribs & Vegetables
4-hour braised short ribs in aromatic brown beef stock with fresh herbs and vegetables. Served w oven baked yams puréed with butter and brown sugar and topped with deep fried kale with a crisp finish.
White Chocolate Mousse Tart
Two-thirds white chocolate is whipped with cream and eggs and resting in dark chocolate tarts and finished with pistachio and cotton candy edible flowers.

The Fashion Designer

Anna Garbuzova
Lead Designer

The Food Designer

Food Creative
Culinary Rising Star
Moeen profile
Moeen Abuzaid

About SpreadHouse

Spreadhouse cafe operates daily as a hub for film professionals and Lower East Side denizens. They open their doors at night to provide one-of-a-kind private dining experiences. They partner with nearby Mazeish who provide the kitchen and food supplies.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/SpreadhouseCafe

Location: 116 Suffolk St New York, Ny 10002

SpreadHouse photo

About The "Chef-ugees"

The "Chef-ugees" photo

The Displaced Kitchen series is a campaign aimed to bring together to hear a perspective of a recently resettled refugee. We will introduce refugees to share their story over a feast that reminds them of home. Our "Chef-ugee" hosts left conflict zones for safety, and have resettled here in New York City. -- All of whom experienced hardship to survive, and hardship acclimating into our society, the Displaced Kitchens is aimed to bridge the gap through food by providing them an outlet to share their journey, and their cuisine with our Kommunity. #eatkomeeda --- Photo Credit: Luc Kordas / Metro NY

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